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Korea Fire Fighting Corporation 대한 소방 공사,Korea Fire Fighting Corporation 대한 소방 공사,

Korea Fire Fighting Corporation 대한 소방 공사, Zephyr Archangel in Heaven Industry Experience: Automotive International Sales in Hyundai Motor Company Functional Experience: International Salesman of Anything in this world (Iron, Machinery, Plastics etc) Current Career Level: Executive Management (Representative CEO of Korea Fire Fighting Corporation) Polycarbonate Cylinder for Pressure-Containers can be used for Fire Extinguishers, Aerosol Sprays for Insect Killers, Hair Sprays or Topics, Spray Paint, Sealant Tubes , Shaving Foam Can(Now Bottle or Cylinder) and also for Spray(Aerosol) Types of Fire Extinguishers; Main Characteristics of Polycarbonate: a. Transparent/Nude/Visible/Clean/See-through b. Strong enough for +140C -60C c. Weather-resistant d. Impact-Resistant e. Heat-Resistant f. UV Sustainable g. Engineering Plastics from GE, LG-Dow-Chemical, Bayer h. Tested in Aero-spaces by Astronaut Mr. Amstrong in the Moon. i. Newly improved by Lexan(GE Plastics-Now SABIC Innovative Plastics), Calibre of LG Chemicals and Mikarlon of Bayer Material Science.. Applications: 1. Fire Extinguishers, Dry Chemical or Wet Chemicals 2. Pressure-Containers, replacing Aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, glass, tin or seamless steel as well as Glass, for Cylinders/Containers/Bottles/Tubes with any amount of Pressure(N2 or Butane, LPG or Compressed Air or Halon)

3. Bullet Protection or Normal/Simple Glass/Steel Plate can be replaced with Polycarbonate sheets in order to reduce Weights and reinforce the Impact Strength or Viscosity with Polycarbonate/ABS, PC/PBT, PC/PET mixed compounds

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Polycarbonated Automobiles and Nude Fire Extinguishers as well as sexy ladies
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